Outdoor ADS-B Receiver Station ADSB-RE1090P

Outdoor ADS-B Receiver Station ADSB-RE1090P

ADSB-RE1090P is the outdoor weatherproof version of ADSB-RE1090. ADSB-RE1090P is a comprehensive ADS-B receiver station solution within a single rugged IP67 weatherproof enclosure that can be permanently mounted outdoors in harsh environmental conditions. Power and data are conveniently supplied through a single Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) network cable, simplifying installation by connecting directly to your LAN. With its quick pole-mount clamp design, installation of ADSB-RE1090P is effortless and efficient. Say goodbye to complicated setups, ADSB-RE1090P ensures a seamless installation process, allowing you to start tracking aircraft with ease. Delivered with pre-installed software, ADSB-RE1090P simplifies setup and operation through its user-friendly web interface. 


With its exceptional reception range, minimal loss of messages at the antenna end, and unmatched reliability, ADSB-RE1090P stands out as a premier ADS-B receiver station. Capable of tracking aircraft equipped with 1090ES ADS-B transmitters at distances exceeding 200 miles, it provides reliable data for both map-based aircraft monitoring and professional applications, including Airspace Surveillance, Airport Surface Monitoring and UAS Detect and Avoid (DAA).


Complied with Mode-S and ADS-B standards, ICAO Annex 10 Volume IV, RTCA DO-260 version 0, 1 and 2, ED-102B, ED-129B, ADSB-RE1090P guarantees adherence to and compatibility with the industry standards and requirements. Furthermore, ADSB-RE1090P provides the flexibility to output ADS-B data in multiple formats, ensures seamless compatibility with a wide range of systems and tools, including Flight Information Displays, data analysis, UAS Ground Control Stations and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Solutions. 


 ADSB-RE1090P package includes:

① ADSB-RE1090 unit *1

② Waterproof RJ45 connector *1

③ PoE power adapter *1

④ GPS antenna with clamp *1

⑤ GPS antenna cable 2 meters *1 (please specify if you need a longer cable)

⑥ ADS-B antenna cable 10 meters *1 (please specify if you need a longer cable)

⑦ ADS-B antenna *1 & ADS-B antenna clamp *2

⑧ ADSB-RE1090P unit clamp *2

Outdoor ADS-B Station ADSB-RE1090P



Data Formats
1. ADSB-RE1090P can output ADS-B messages via network cables in different data formats. Including CSV plaintext (decoded data, you can easily get longitude, latitude, altitude, speed, flight ID), Asterix Cat021, json (also decoded data), DF17/18 raw messages and AVR. 
2. ADSB-RE1090 can also receive and output Mode-S messages and Mode A/C messages.
3. ADSB-RE1090P can output data with GPS timestamp.

Functions for your convenience
1. ADSB-RE1090P can be connected via network cables.
2. ADSB-RE1090P supports static IP address and DHCP.
3. ADSB-RE1090P IP address can be configured for direct connection with a computer without the need for routers. However, ADSB-RE1090 can also be configured to connect with a computer via routers, offering flexibility based on your setup preferences.
4. A single ADSB-RE1090 unit can transmit ADS-B data to multiple clients simultaneously, enabling efficient data distribution across multiple devices or systems. 
5. Work with ADS-B display software adsbscope.
6. Weather resistant with IP67 design.
Have integrated ADS-B antenna, GPS antenna and network surge protectors and grounding stud, easy to ground when installed on site to protect ADSB-RE1090P from lightning.






better than -93dbm


>350 km

Power Supply


Working temperature


Physical Size

34*23.5*9.5 cm (not include antenna connectors)

Antenna Connector




1. Seawater resistant ADS-B antenna for off-shore use.
2. Dual unit for high reliability.
3. ATC display software, ADS-B data analysis software, ADS-B and radar coverage evaluation software.
4. All our products are available for full customization, including branding and logo placement to align with your unique identity. We also offer tailored form factors, enclosures, functions and data formats options based on your specific requirements. Our OEM/Customization service empowers you to swiftly obtain a distinct, personalized product without any associated risks, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from concept to delivery.
5. We can output and storage ADS-B IQ data for your analysis. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific requirement.
6. Introducing the revolutionary 3A Receiver, a cutting-edge solution that combines ADS-B, ACARS, and AIS reception capabilities into a single device. This unified system, crafted with our expertise and advanced technology, offers unparalleled surveillance for both aviation and maritime applications. By seamlessly integrating these functionalities, the 3A Receiver provides enhanced situational awareness and robust data collection capabilities, empowering users with comprehensive insights and ensuring optimal operational efficiency.
7. We also provide ADSB-RE1090, which is the indoor version of ADSB-RE1090P. Please refer to ADSB-RE1090 manual.


Special use case

Special use cases often demand specific features or accessories that not every standard ADS-B receiver station on the market can accommodate. Beyond the typical applications of a standard ADS-B receiver station, our solution offers the flexibility to be customized with optional accessories, ensuring it can effectively meet the requirements of the following unique applications.

1. Outdoor use, with IP67 design.
2. Off-shore use, with optional seawater resistant ADS-B Antenna.
3. On ship, with optional seawater resistant ADS-B Antenna.
4. Areas that have a lot of thunders, with integrated ADS-B antenna, GPS antenna and network surge protectors.



· Omnidirectional

· Frequency: 1060-1120MHz

· Bandwidth: 60MHz

· Gain: 6 dBi

· VSWR: <1.5

· Impedance: 50 ohms

· Polarization: Vertical

· Length: 60 cm

· Weight (Without mast clamp): 360 g

· Weight (With mast clamp): 510 g

· Connector: N Female

· Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 degrees

· Rated Wind Velocity: 60 m/s


Outdoor ADS-B Receiver Station ADSB-RE1090P User Manual

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