Network AIS Receiver NWD-01T with WiFi+decode+timestamp


NWD-01T is a high-performance, portable, and user-friendly AIS ground receiver, offering both network and WiFi connectivity options. Unlike other AIS receivers on the market, NWD-01T not only outputs standard AIS messages but also provides AIS messages with timestamp functionality thanks to its integrated GPS receiver. Additionally, the integrated AIS decoder allows NWD-01T to output decoded AIS data, significantly reducing the effort required for customers to decode AIS messages.

Network AIS Receiver NWD-01T with WiFi+decode+timestamp


NWD-01T includes:  

① NWD-01T unit *1

② Power *1

③ GPS antenna *1

④ WiFi antenna *1

⑤ AIS antenna cable 10 meters *1 (please indicate if you need longer cable)

⑥ AIS antenna with clamp *1

Network AIS Receiver NWD-01T with WiFi+decode+timestampNetwork AIS Receiver NWD-01T with WiFi+decode+timestamp



● NWD-01T offers connectivity options via both network cables and WiFi for data output.
● NWD-01T provides the convenience of outputting both standard AIS messages and decoded AIS data, eliminating the need for customers to decode AIS messages themselves.
● NWD-01T is capable of outputting standard AIS messages and decoded AIS data with timestamp accuracy up to 1 nanosecond resolution.
● Small in size and light in weight, NWD-01T is highly portable and can easily fit into a backpack. It can be powered by a 12V rechargeable battery, making it ideal for on-the-go use.
● NWD-01T's IP address can be configured to enable direct connection with a computer without the need for routers. However, it can also be configured to connect with a computer via routers, providing flexibility according to user preference.
● NWD-01T supports both static IP address assignment and DHCP configuration.
● Compatible with OpenCPN software, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility for users.




161.975/162.025 MHz


better than -112 dbm


-112dbm to +10dbm

Power Supply

DC 12V, 2A

Power Consumption

less than 10W

Physical Size

24.1*15.3*6.5 cm (not include antenna connectors)

Antenna Connector




● Surge Protector: Provides protection against power surges to ensure the safety of the device.
● IP67 Waterproof Version: We offer the NWD-01TP, equipped with a weather-resistant enclosure and IP67 waterproof rating, specifically designed for outdoor use. 
● Dual Unit for High Reliability: Incorporates dual units to enhance reliability and ensure continuous operation.
● OEM/Customization. All our products can be supplied fully customized with your brand and logo. We can even do customized form factors, enclosures and packages on your requirement. This OEM/Customization service enables you to have your own unique product in minimal time with no risk.
● AIS IQ data output and storage. We provide the capability to output and store IQ data for analysis purposes. Please feel free to contact us with your specific requirements.
● Integration of AIS, ADS-B, and ACARS: We offer integration of AIS, ADS-B, and ACARS receivers, commonly referred to as a 3A receiver. We can accommodate this configuration.
● We welcome any additional requirements you may have, and we are eager to collaborate with you to meet your needs!



Below is an example of timestamped AIS data. Timestamp is at the beginning of messages and connect with standard AIS messages via _.

2023-08-17 13:37:34 512827136.0_!AIVDM,1,1,,A,B3aEOK03wpa<f0C81g3Q3wg021Mk,0*01

Below is an example of timestamped decoded AIS data. Timestamp is in the item “time”.

{"msg_type": 18, "repeat": 0, "mmsi": 249191000, "reserved_1": 0, "speed": 102.3, "accuracy": true, "lon": -108.0, "lat": -89.999813, "course": 360.0, "heading": 511, "second": 52, "reserved_2": 0, "cs": false, "display": false, "dsc": false, "band": false, "msg22": false, "assigned": false, "raim": false, "radio": 530291, "time": "2023-08-17 13:39:14 57386496.0"}

Timestamp is comprised of three parts and the three parts are separated by blank space.
First part: year-month-day
Second part: hour:minute:second
Third part: Nanoseconds to the second


Network AIS Receiver NWD-01T with WiFi+decode+timestamp User Manual

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