Portable ADS-B Transmitter ADSBPGA for GA and UAV


More and more General Aviation aircrafts and UAVs require ADS-B OUT function. But most ADS-B transmitters on market require very complicated configuration and even certification procedures, because you need to INSTALL it. ADSBPGA is a portable ADS-B transmitter, so doesn’t need any installation, hence doesn’t need certification. ADSBPGA transmits your aircraft position, altitude, course, and speed on 1090MHz ADS-B, enhancing your ability to “Be Seen”. 

ADSBPGA includes a GPS, providing accurate and high integrity position data.

ADSBPGA doesn’t have a shelf, to lower down weight, so UAV can easily carry ADSBPGA, especially for payload sensitive UAVs. ADSBPGA can work independently without any other accessories.

Portable ADS-B Transmitter ADSBPGA for GA and UAV


Transmit frequency 1090MHz
Comply with DO-260B
Transmitter power 50W
Transmitter message format DF17
Voltage 8V - 18V
Currency 200mA
Antenna connector SMA
Size 90 * 56 * 20 mm
Weight 120g
Working temperature -10℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -55℃~+70℃


There’re two antenna connectors to connect with ADS-B antenna and GPS antenna. Power on with a standard battery and the transmitter can work. Very easy to operate.
There’re several indicate lights.
White light: Indicate power. Light is on when power on.
Green light: Indicate GPS. Blink means no GPS. No blink means GPS OK.
Blue light: Indicate transmitting ADS-B. After green light is on without blink, blue light blink means transmitting ADS-B.


Box contains
2.ADS-B antenna
3.GPS antenna
4.Power line


We’re willing to do customization for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and provide your requirement. We’re happy to hear from you.

Portable ADS-B Transmitter ADSBPGA for GA and UAV User Manual

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