ADS-B Receiver Board Mode-S Beast



Mode-S Beast is a high-performance ADS-B receiver board that can receive and decode ADS-B, Mode-S and Mode-A/C signals.
The Mode-S Beast allows you to receive the positions of the aircraft up to 400 km (220 nm) away. In addition, all you need is an antenna and a PC with freely available software for graphical representation.
The device is powered by USB.
The binary formats are supported by a variety of software, such as PlanePlotter and adsbscope.


ADS-B Receiver Board Mode-S Beast


Mode-S Beast includes:
Mode-S Beast ADS-B receiver board.
LED light.
USB cable, to connect Mode-S Beast with computer.


ADS-B Receiver Board Mode-S Beast




 ●  Output DF17 & DF18 data
 ●  Output Mode A/C/S transponder data
 ●  Provide data format for customer development
 ●  Output data with timestamp. But please note that this timestamp is internal 12MHz clock, rather than GPS time. So not OK for MLAT.
 ●  Can be customized for network data output.
 ●  USB for power and data output.
 ●  Physical size: 100 x 53 x 13 mm
 ●  Weight: 40g


Driver Installation


When connected with computer, Mode-S Beast will automatically install drivers. If not, please download fdti drivers here.



Data Format


The device can provide raw data in two different binary formats. Either in the so-called "AVR format" or the more efficient "beast binary format". There’re 10 DIP at the bottom of the board and there’re numbers indicate the DIP. Use a knife to tear open the protection and put DIP 3 to ON position, the output data would be binary format. 
High-resolution timestamps are available in both formats. The "Beast Binary Format" also contains signal strength information.


AVR Data


ADS-B Receiver Board Mode-S Beast

binary format

 ADS-B Receiver Board Mode-S Beast


<esc> "1" : 6 byte MLAT timestamp, 1 byte signal level, 2 byte Mode-AC
<esc> "2" : 6 byte MLAT timestamp, 1 byte signal level, 7 byte Mode-S short frame
<esc> "3" : 6 byte MLAT timestamp, 1 byte signal level, 14 byte Mode-S long frame
<esc><esc>: true 0x1a
<esc> is 0x1a, and "1", "2" and "3" are 0x31, 0x32 and 0x33



ADS-B Receiver Board Mode-S Beast User Manual

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